Since graduating from Midreshet Shalhevet, I’ve done original research in math and computer science, including a project at Rutgers University. I wrote my senior thesis on algebraic models for natural language, and am currently pursuing a Ph.D. in mathematics. Although Midreshet Shalhevet prepared me to achieve these accomplishments, the most important thing that I took with me from high school was a foundation in Torah philosophy and love of learning that will be a guide through my life, and prepared me to be a Torah Jew in the professional world.

- Tamar Lichter, 2016 Goldwater Scholar, Class of 2013 Valedictorian

I speak on behalf of my entire grade when I say thank you to the Midreshet Shalhevet faculty and staff. You have taught us how to think and to appreciate thought. You have improved our understanding of different sects of knowledge, and our lives. You have taught us, fostered us, raised us, and inspired us, whether academically, realistically, spiritually, or intellectually. You have somehow accomplished the daunting task of changing us, while still allowing and encouraging us to be individuals, and respecting us for it. You have been understanding of our schedules and our emotions, and treated us with respect - as people, rather than as children - which we are extremely appreciative of. Now that I am in the “real world,” I speak to many people, and what I realize is that it is not so common for teachers to stimulate, nurture, and strengthen the natural curiosity of their students. And yet, you have done so, and for that, we thank you fully!

- Avigayil Lev, Class of 2017 Valedictorian


Midreshet Shalhevet has helped me grow in ways I would have never imagined. The teachers have taught me how to learn on my own and provided me with skills that will last a life time. I want to thank Midreshet Shalhevet for providing me with an unforgettable high school experience. 

- Aviva Marmer, Class of 2018


Midreshet Shalhevet not only taught me both Jewish and secular academics, they gave me the strength to pursue a career in any field I desire, while instilling in me a passion to do so within the frame work as an orthodox Jewish woman.


- Kayla Zeitz, Class 2013


It sounds cliche, but the time I spent in Midreshet Shalhevet were some of the best years of my life. I entered as a shy and quiet teenager and left as a confident young woman capable of speaking up when needed. My teachers were amazing role models and never pushed me to be something I wasn't. They allowed me to grow at my own pace and they supported me every step of the way.In Shalhevet I learned a tremendous amount. Each and everyone one of my teachers taught me innumerable life lessons that I will carry with me for many years to come.


- Dasi Schneider, Class of 2015

My experience as a Midreshet Shalhevet parent has been a wholly positive one. I have watched my daughters grow into mature, intelligent, and inquisitive young women with a thirst for knowledge. Midreshet Shalhevet is like a home away from home, where each girl is important and has the opportunity to shine.  The warmth of the faculty creates an atmosphere where every girl is encouraged to reach her fullest potential. The bonds my girls have created with their teachers were remarkable and they continue to have a close relationship with many of them.  Friendships truly did span across the grades and my daughters felt a unity with their classmates that would be impossible in a large school. My husband and I are grateful to the entire Midreshet Shalhevet administration and faculty for giving our girls an amazing high school experience. I loved that at Midreshet Shalhevet the focus was not solely on reaching educational goals, but on personal growth as well. My daughters were taught to be active, engaged members of the community, to be a leaders, someone who is concerned about Klal Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael, and the well being of others.


-Shira Chait, Mother of Devora '15, Aviva, '17, Shifra '19, and Hadassah '22

Since their inception, the students of Midreshet Shalhevet, have impressed me with their wonderful midot and advanced textual skills. They each have clearly benefited from the warm relationships they developed with their high school teachers and transmit that positive energy to those around them. 


- Rabbi David Katz, MMY

Very few schools teach Zionism on the same level as Midreshet Shalhevet. We never doubt the level of Israel education given by Midreshet Shalhevet.


- Avi Posnick, StandWithUs

Hi Mrs. Eisenman,


I am enjoying being in Israel and have settled in more now that the chagim are over. Although I have only been here a few short weeks, I felt compelled to write this email to you to thank you for numerous reasons.  While I never took my education at Midreshet Shalhevet for granted, I did not realize the extent to which I have to be thankful for. Midreshet Shalhevet has instilled in me a strong foundation in my beliefs and has provided answers to complicated philosophical questions. For example, most girls here are constantly asking questions in class (ie free will, melachim, God's intervention) because their high schools just touched upon these topics. I feel so privileged that I had the opportunity throughout high school to discuss these concepts and receive solid answers. Additionally, I owe credit to Shalhevet for building my Hebrew reading and translating skills. I feel so prepared for my seminary courses and cannot thank you enough.  I want to come back to Shalhevet; they were the best four years of my life. I can't wait to see you when you visit Israel!


- Daniella Azose, Class of 2015

As the academic year comes to a close I would like to reach out and share with you some of my reflections on your students. It is a consistent pleasure to have your students attend Tomer Devorah. I will specify.


Your students are conscientious and diligent in their studies. They care to participate in class, ask questions, the challenge as well as listen (a true art these days). They are serious about completing their work and take full advantage of material and ideas being offered. Of course, there are many other girls in seminary that do the same but when your students are consistent, over the years, displaying similar traits it tells us that there is something in the chinuch of Midreshet Shalhevet that teaches discipline, work ethic, and a thirst for information. You are building them to succeed academically (both religious and secular)!


What's more, your students are "plugged in" and involved in the extracurricular "goings-on" of the school. They are active participants in school programming and always have something positive to contribute to the general atmosphere and environment. Again, I believe this is reflective of a unique focus of your school to impart the necessity to see beyond one's self. Your school seems to nurture and develop internal confidence and charisma that allows the girls to be "active members of society." Needless to say, how difficult that is today when all most kids are thinking about is themselves...You are building them to succeed emotionally and socially!


Lastly, on a personal note, I visit many high schools throughout the country on my recruiting/interview trips. Midreshet Shalhevet is a highlight on my itinerary. Firstly, the warmth with which I am received at the school is a much-needed chizuk during these grueling trips. But even more noteworthy is that whenever I address your students they do not stop gushing about your institution. It is a consistent theme, year in year out, how much the girls will miss the special atmosphere, environment and culture that you succeed to cultivate. It is so refreshing to hear students go through four years of H.S. and actually love their experience. You are building them to be positive, love and trust society at large!


Your school philosophy really seems to live by it's tag line. "Midreshet Shalhevet- illuminating minds, warming hearts" and your students are the lucky beneficiaries of it!


May you continue in your avodat hakodesh and may we be zoche to continue together to teach, and raise the future leaders of Klal Yisrael!


- Rabbi Noam Fix, Tomer Devora  

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