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Midreshet Shalhevet  welcomes community contributions in support of its mission and educational programs. In recent years, changes in the economy has affected numerous families and put many in need of tuition assistance. In order to maintain our invigorating curriculum and assist those in need, we rely on the generosity of our community. Your contributions enable us to achieve academic excellence while remaining financially accessible to our families. 


We encourage you to support Midreshet Shalhevet. Educating the leaders of tomorrow is our top priority. As you think about your yearly gift, consider participating Midreshet Shalhevet's Scholarship Fund and Annual Dinner. Contributions of any size, at any time,  are greatly appreciated.


There are numerous naming and sponsorship opportunities available. We thank you for your generosity and dedication in allowing Midreshet Shalhevet to continue providing exceptional education and learning opportunities.


Please visit our Online Giving Form to contribute to the future of Shalhevet. 



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