Rabbi Matt Schneeweiss

Limudei Kodesh, English, Study Skills

I am a recovering schoolaholic. Back in high school I showed all the signs: obsession with getting straight A’s, putting pressure on myself to maintain a 4.0 GPA, always taking notes. I guess you could say that I hit rock bottom when I became valedictorian – not only in high school, but in college as well. Those were dark times. Thankfully, I underwent my first educational intervention under the guidance of true educators – teachers who showed me what it means to enjoy learning for its own sake, not for the sake of grades and prestige. These teachers awakened in me a love of learning I never knew I had. They set me on the path to a life of learning and showed me that the Torah is the ultimate guidebook for the journey. A great educator once remarked that no teacher should ever write a book called How to Live. Rather, education consists in a lifetime composing a book called How to Live (I Think). My job as a teacher is to share my version of How to Live (I Think) with my students, and to help them begin to write their own.

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