Tamara and Mitch Haviv

Guests of Honor

Tamara was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, one of four girls and a boy. She was raised by parents who valued and were advocates for education, both Jewish and secular, especially for women. Tamara’s mother recently passed away and she agreed to be honored in the

Zechus of her mother, Carol Liener Deutsch.


Mitch is a life-long Long Islander.


The Havivs moved to North Woodmere 15 years ago. MSH didn’t even exist back then. They are extremely happy that MSH literally moved to their neighborhood. Becky was ecstatic to roll out of bed and walk 15 minutes to attend class. They have three children, Gavriel, who graduated from MSH’s brother school Rambam in 2018, Becky who is graduating MSH this year, and Jeremy who attends HAFTR High School. The Havivs open their home and hearts to MSH.

1000 Rosedale Road, North Woodmere, NY 11581

T: (516) 224-0240  F: (516) 224-0245



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