The Limudei Kodesh Department

Our Limudei Kodesh courses instill in our students a commitment to be lifelong learners. Texts are used to acquire both the breadth and depth of Torah knowledge. Our analytical approach to text and its underlying message is intended to foster commitment to Torah, and to help students see the world through the lens of Torah. This means not only practicing a Torah-true life at home, but also carrying the message of Torah into college, graduate school, the workplace, and ultimately into the next generation. An important focus of our Limudei Kodesh program is therefore to enable our students to articulate their beliefs and practices in a way that will command respect from any listener, Jew or non-Jew, fulfilling the Torah’s exhortation (D’varim 4:6), “And they will say, Behold how wise and understanding is this great nation.”


Our chumash program teaches students to read the text carefully, cultivate the art of asking good questions and understand the comments of the classical m’forshim. Students learn to understand the underlying concepts embodied in the Chumash narrative accounts and derive practical applications therefrom. Over four years at

Midreshet Shalhevet, talmidot learn all of Chamisha Chumshei Torah.


Nach classes provide a conceptual overview of Nevi'im and Ketuvim. Students gain familiarity with all of Nach, while covering some sefarim in depth.


TSBP focuses on different halachot each year; brachot and tefilah, Shabbat, kashrut, and mitzvot bein adam l’chaveiro. Halacha is taught in-depth using primary sources, with an emphasis on how to read and prepare the sources independently. Students may elect to take a more Gemara based TSBP course.


Grade 9 - taught by Esther Eisenman, Menahelet

Students explore the meaning behind tefilot to enhance kavana and create a more meaningful davening experience, focusing on why we daven, what we daven, and how we daven by going over the basics then moving on to analyzing the text of tefilah and familiarizing themselves with the practical halachot of tefilah.



This senior elective covers topics in Jewish ethics and philosophy, using Pirkei Avot as the primary text, exploring contemporary issues in Judaism.


Grade 11 - taught by Rabbi Zev Meir Friedman, Rosh HaYeshiva

Machshava offers a halachic and hashkafic analysis of Sefer HaMada and the basic philosophical mitzvot contained therein.

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