Hindy Feder,

Limudei Kodesh

I love everything about my job, from meeting new students to furthering relationship with past students; I love discussing Torah ideas with bright young women who are eager to understand Torah and Judaism. I truly feel that this is not a merely a job, but a tremendous opportunity. As a Torah teacher I have three main goals. Firstly, in all my classes I hope to impart lasting knowledge and a true understanding of the material. Second, but no less important, I want to help the students build skills which will enable them to become independent lifelong learners. Finally, and perhaps most important of all, I strive to make learning enjoyable. This will help my students develop a love of Torah, and realize how Torah study can greatly deepen their understating of and appreciation for Judaism, and ultimately enhance their lives. I am so happy to be in a position to learn with and help guide so many wonderful girls during these formative years of their lives, as a teacher and Israel Guidance Counselor. 

1000 Rosedale Road, North Woodmere, NY 11581

T: (516) 224-0240  F: (516) 224-0245



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