Midreshet Shalhevet's Committee for Israel Activism hits the ground running

Midreshet Shalhevet's Committee for Israel Activism (CIA), led by Mr. Simcha Bader and club heads, Rachel Fishbein and Zahava Fertig, have already had multiple meetings to discuss current Israel news as well as plan the next few months of Israel programming and presentations.


The club has started a new initiative after Tefila, updating the students on Israeli current events and world-wide news regarding Jews and the State of Israel. Avigail Borah of Hewlett, said, "it's really important that we all know what is happening in Israel news, because even though we live here in America, we need to know what is happening to our brothers and sisters in Israel".


As a proud Zionist school with a strong emphasis on Israel education, Midreshet Shalhevet takes great pride in our connection and close ties with StandWithUs.

Once a month Paul Friedman, Tri-State Area High School Program Director of StandWithUs, partners with Midreshet Shalhevet, providing fascinating presentations and speakers to educate the students on matters relating to Israel. The main goal of the programs is to empower the girls with facts about Israel, teach them how to combat Antisemitism, and the BDS movement plaguing universities and colleges across the world.


Last week, the CIA club met with Mr. Friedman to learn and discuss the differences between Antisemitism and legitimate criticism. Defining Antisemitism as demonization, delegitimization, and double standards, the girls participated in the conversation by asking and answering questions to further understand what Antisemitism means and why it exists.


They discussed that although Israel has room for improvement, that does not mean that it doesn't have the right to exist.


Imparting the message "speaking up is the only thing that will make a difference," Mr. Friedman explained the importance of being a part of the dialogue to teach the truth and facts about the only democratic country in the Middle East, our beloved Israel.


Thank you to Mr. Bader for planning the presentation and to Paul Friedman for taking the time to educate and discuss these important issues with Midreshet Shalhevet's Committee of Israel Activism club.


Zahava Fertig, 12th grade

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