Surprise Trip!

As a back to school stress relief, we took a full day trip Sahara Sam’s Oasis, a water park in New Jersey! We were greeted there with a delicious lunch from a local Kosher restaurant. After quickly getting ready, the water park awaited with multiple pools, different types of slides, and a wave rider! The park was reserved for women only that day (including the lifeguards) and students had a blast with their friends riding down dark slides together and just relaxing in the lazy pool. We dried up and boarded the busses at the end of the day with smiles all around. It was a very fun trip that definitely brought friends together and helped ease us into the new semester!

  • Avygayl Zucker, 10th grade

1000 Rosedale Road, North Woodmere, NY 11581

T: (516) 224-0240  F: (516) 224-0245


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