Women’s League De-Stresses First Day Jitters

The first day of school got off to a great start! It was so exciting to see the hallways filled with girls again!! A great morning was had by all, especially with the special treat and gift bag for everyone from the Shalhevet Women's League!


Each girl was gifted an emoji stress ball, and a personal hand sanitizer, along with yummy smiley cupcakes for all!


Thank you so much to the Shalhevet Women's League for their thoughtful presents, and wonderful words that accompanied them!


As School Begins

We have many emotions happiness, excitement and yes on that first day, fright

So here is a little gift to start your year off right

One to squirt if you need to refresh

And one to squeeze if you want to de-stress

And of course a little thing to eat

Because one always needs a treat

Wishing you a successful and emoji filled year

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