9/11 Speaker

On September 12, Midreshet Shalhevet had the honor of hearing Mr. Diamond, Coach K’s brother, share his experience on 9/11 as a Hatzolah member responding to the call for help and everything he experienced there. He began by telling us that he was just 19 years old and had only just started his Hatzolah work. He was at Ground Zero a mere nine minutes after the call was made over the Hatzolah radio, and was there to witness the second plane hit the tower. He described the sight of the monstrous amounts of debris falling through the streets along with the streams of people running away from the Twin Towers. He went back and forth from the scene, assisting people and driving truckloads of injured civilians to the hospital. The smog and soot eventually got so bad that it was impossible to see, as if a literal Choshech had fallen. He later found out that he had gotten so much of this smoke and actual pieces of building into his lungs, that he was left with a cough, among other symptoms, that he still suffers from to this day. He described the horrors and life altering sights that he witnessed that day. Mr. Diamond really brought into perspective the differences of how life was then and now; how the day altered people’s lives and still affects them today. The world has never been the same, and many people have paid the price. May we always remember all the civilians and emergency workers who risked their lives on that fateful day. Their heroism forever lives on.


Avygayl Zucker, 10th grade

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