Sharing Faith after the Unfathomable

On Tuesday, the student body of Midreshet Shalhevet had the privilege of listening to the inspiring words of Amichai and Rina Ariel, who shared about their daughter Hallel Yaffa hy”d, tragically murdered by a Palestinian terrorist in her own home. Elana Kronenberg, a family friend, shared stories of how the Ariel family have become a great inspiration and have impacted her life tremendously. Amichai and Rina both shared wonderful stories about their fearless 13-year-old. The Shalhevet students felt very moved by their inspiring story. Rachel Fishbein and Aviva Rubenstein (12th grade), are spearheading a chesed project in memory of Hallel Yaffa hy”d, to keep her memory in our hearts forever.


Hayley Tanzman, 11th grade

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